The Louisville Historical League is headquartered at the historic Peterson-Dumesnil House, 301 S. Peterson Avenue, in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. Note: do not send any mail to the League at this street address. Please use our    P O Box: P O B 6061, Louisville, Kentucky, 40206

For more information on the historic Peterson-Dumesnil House, click on this website: www.Peterson-Dumesnil.ORG


The Louisville Historical League is an 'all-volunteer' organization, which means we have no full-time staff, etc.

Thus, we have no phone. But, we do regularly respond to emails at this address: LouHist@Hotmail.com

And, you can write to us at:

    Louisville Historical League

    P O Box 6061

    Louisville, Kentucky 40206 

Or, you can "LIKE" us on our Facebook                                                         page.

Again, we are an all-volunteer organization whose membership is passionate about Louisville history.  

We try our best to be timely in response                                                      and to get things right the first time, but                                                        we are human and sometimes 'life happens'.                                                        

Your patience and consideration                                                          of our organizational status is most appreciated.