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Board Members: 

Stephen W. Brown      Bryan Bush               Cynthia Cooke         Gary Falk                       Michael Jones                Kenny Karem  Kimberly Kirkwood  Jack Koppel              Carl Kramer              Ken Machtolff            Jeff McCaffrey         Nick Morris             Wadia Newman       Chuck Parrish              Ellen White                 Steve Wiser             Mike  Zanone          


Cave Hill Cemetery Founded 1848

701 Baxter Avenue

www.CaveHillCemetery.com                                             New Mausoleum &  Lakeside Chapel                               On-site monument design and sales                                  Call 451-5630  to arrange personal consultation and tour  

BOSSE Funeral Home Since 1865                    1355 Ellison at Barret                                                       Jim Wagner, LHL member, 502 451 8440

Peterson Dumesnil House c. 1870            

301 S. Peterson Avenue                                            Receptions / Meetings              www.PetersonDumesnil.ORG


 The Louisville Historical League (LHL) was founded in 1972 by Rev. Clyde Crews and Allan Steinberg. (Photo right)  Since then, this organization has provided over 40 years of informative programs for hundreds of members, representing all ages and backgrounds.

Year-round the League offers unique opportunities to experience the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Louisville metropolitan area (Jefferson County, Kentucky and Floyd and Clark Counties of Indiana).

What makes the League different from other regional historical groups is our visit each month to various locations around the community to the places where local history occurred.  In the course of a year, you will visit numerous places such as historic homes and notable buildings.

Membership in the League is very affordable.  For more information on the League, click on the 'Programs' link as well as 'Membership' link. 

The League is a 501c3, non-profit organization.